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Life on board ms Serenity

ms Serenity

Life on board ms Serenity

David and Renee Clark cruised aboard the ms Serenity on our first ever Danube to the Black cruise in 2014. We caught up with David to see what he thought.

This cruise was brand new for 2014 –why did it catch your eye?

We had already been on a couple of river cruises along the Rhine and Moselle and this one really took our fancy. Cruising along the Danube through the various countries, it was complimentary to cruises we had done in previous years.

How did you find the length of this cruise?

My wife and I enjoyed it. To see what we saw, the excursions and the length of the river... if it had been shorter I think it would have been spoiled.

What were your first impressions of the ms Serenity?

I enjoyed it, I thought the food, the staff and the ship itself were all good.

What was your favourite destination?

I thought Budapest from my point of view was pretty fantastic! Pécs was also a lovely place and so were Novi Sad and Bratislava. We enjoyed everywhere; they all had their different characteristics.

What was the highlight of your holiday?

Although we had been on river cruises before, the fact that we went so far down the Danube, all the way to the Black Sea was new to us. Most people onboard had been to Vienna and Budapest and that’s as far as they had gone – we found it all fascinating.

What was your Cruise Manager like?

Alex was a character! He was very attentive.

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