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The German river cruises from The River Cruise Line provide a fascinating experience for anyone looking to soak in the rich culture and beauty of Germany from the comfort and convenience of a river cruise ship. Germany is located in western Europe and its capital is Berlin.

Germany is made up of the North German Plain, the Central German Uplands, and the Southern German Highlands. Germany’s major rivers are the Danube, the Elbe, the Oder, the Weser and the Rhine.

Each of these rivers has played a vital role in Germany’s story. For example, the Rhine is an international river which has been developed for use by large ships; while the course of the Elbe has remained almost untouched. The River Cruise Line experience brings you through some of the most important and beautiful parts of this vast country.

Germany River Cruises

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Treasures Along the Rhine & Moselle 2020

Explore Germany's medieval cities along the Rhine to the Moselle

Journey Along the Danube to the Rhine 2020

Discover beautiful Bavaria on a journey along the Danube to the Rhine.

The Mighty Rhine to Switzerland 2020

Discover countless treasures on this Rhineland adventure

The Ultimate Rhine & Danube Cruise 2020

Journey through the heart of Europe on the ultimate river cruise experience, taking in breathtaking scenery and stopping and fascinating destinations along the way.
Iron Gate

The Danube to the Black Sea 2020

Wake up to breathtaking views as we follow the course of the Danube on its extraordinary journey to the Black Sea.

Cruise the Danube to Vienna & Budapest 2020

Set sail from the 'three rivers city' of Passau and embark on an unforgettable journey through the heart of Europe.

Historic Cities of the Danube 2020

Experience the historical highlights of the great Danube.

A Taste of the Imperial Danube - Passau to Budapest 2020

When time is of the essence, but compromising on quality isn't an option, this condensed but perfectly-planned river cruise could be just what you're looking for.
Rhine in Flames

Rhine in Flames 2020

As the summer sun sets over the Rhine valley, a flotilla of beautifully illuminated ships makes its way down the legendary Rhine, which basks in the glow of a thousand Bengal lights, while hilltop fireworks create shimmering cascades of colour high above the mountains, castles and vineyards. This is the Rhine in Flames.

Cruise the Rhine to Switzerland 2020

This sensational cruise showcases the highlights of the Rhine at every twist and turn, as we follow its course in the countries of Germany, France and Switzerland.

Rhine & Moselle Explorer 2020

Sit back and relax as we drift along the Rhine and the Moselle, stopping to explore our captain’s favourite ports of call. They may flow into one another at the city of Koblenz, but these two rivers are very different.
Christmas in Dusseldorf

Christmas Rhine & Dutch Waterways Cruise 2020

Enjoy a Christmas with a difference and join our leisurely cruise along the Rhine and Dutch waterways
Rhine Valley Christmas Markets

Yuletide Markets & The Magical Rhine Valley 2020

Visit some of the best Christmas markets in Europe on this relaxing festive river cruise

New Year Festivities on the Romantic Rhine 2020

Celebrate the New Year against the unique backdrop of the Rhine Valley