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A river cruise through Serbia is a brilliant way to see the country from a fresh perspective, from the banks of the great Danube river.

Serbia lies at the crossroads of central and southeast Europe. It’s a landlocked country, but with the presence of the Danube river in the northern region it is connected to distant seas and oceans. To take a river cruise through Serbia is to see the varied landscape and impressive buildings from the comfort of one of The River Cruise Line’s cruise ships.

In terms of climate, it is partly a Mediterranean country and there are several geographical features which create a wonderful landscape, including the Pannonian plain, the Balkan and Carpathian Mountains, and the Dinaric Alps. In addition to this there are many nature reserves and several national parks which account for the rich wildlife.

As it is the Danube that brings you to Serbia, you can see the other countries along this river’s vast journey. On a river cruise towards Serbia, you can expect to find Austria and Hungary, and onwards, past Serbia, you’ll find yourself on a Bulgarian river cruise.

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