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AhlbeckIsle of Usedom

Enjoy an optional scenic tour of the isle of Usedom with The River Cruise Line’s as part of our Baltic Isles, Berlin and Poland cruise. Usedom is the second largest island in Germany and home to an astounding range of landscapes: white beaches, marshy lowlands, wooded hills, and a number of lakes and lagoons, all of which make the island a biodiversity hotspot. Our tour crosses Usedom to visit the elegant seaside towns of Ahlbeck and Heringsdorf, where you can relax and explore at leisure.


• Usedom is a bi-national island with the larger western part belonging to Germany and the smaller eastern part belonging to Poland

• It’s the sunniest place in Germany, offering around 2,000 hours of sunshine each year

• There are currently 16 breeding pairs of eagles in and around Usedom, which is the highest population in Germany


• Ahlbeck pier, with its 280 metre long jetty and art nouveau style building, is the most famous landmark of the island

• Heringsdorf pier, the longest structure of its kind in continental Europe

• The beach promenade, which joins the three imperial resorts of Heringsdorf, Bansin and Ahlbeck

Book your Isle of Usedom trip as part of an excursion package and save money. For more unique destinations with The River Cruise Line, you can also visit the Black Sea on our cruises down the Danube.

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