Excursion Fürst Löwenstein wines at Kleinheubach Palace

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Enjoy a tour and tasting at the Löwenstein estate during a Main cruise with The River Cruise Line. The history of the Löwenstein family and their wine goes back to the time of the Roman empire, when wine played a major role. Today, the estate is a fascinating place where tradition and modernity meet high quality and rural tranquillity. It is especially well known for its excellent dry riesling, silvaner and pinot noir. During our excursion you are invited to explore the estate and visit the wine cellar in the historical stables where we take part in an informal wine tasting and become acquainted with the wines.


• The history of the Löwenstein family and their wine goes back to 1611

• The vineyards are in three wine regions of Germany: Franken, Rheingau and Baden

• Around 155,000 bottles of wine are produced at the estate each year

• The cellar holds a maximum tank capacity of 160,000 litres for white wine and 12,000 litres for red wine


• The baroque buildings on the banks of the Main and the magnificent old trees provide an exceptionally beautiful background

• See the former royal stables with their breathtaking vaulted ceilings where the wines mature

• Enjoy different wines from the Franken and Rheingau regions with bread and water

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