Excursion Stralsund Walking Tour

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  • Stralsund

Enjoy an interesting Stralsund walking tour with The River Cruise Line’s unique cruise which explores the Baltic Sea. From its beginnings as a small fishing village, to its heyday as a member of the powerful Hanseatic League, Stralsund abounds in history and is both an interesting and beautiful place to explore. Highlights include the magnificent city hall which dates back to the 13th century, colourful townhouses with their lavish gables, and three great churches which dominate the skyline.


• Stralsund was once the second-most important member of the Hanseatic League

• The city’s historic centre became a World Heritage Site in 2002

• The city was once a small fishing village named Stralow


• Stralsund City Hall is one of its oldest and most beautiful buildings, dating back to the 13th century

• The city’s colourful town houses with their lavish gables are a treat for the eyes

• Stralsund’s three brick Gothic churches can be seen from far away

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