Our cruises

Our exciting collection of cruises include a range of itineraries to countries throughout Europe, all on board carefully selected ships – some of which are exclusively chartered by the River Cruise Line. We have springtime breaks which visit colourful Dutch Bulbfields including the famous Keukenhof Gardens, our ever-popular Rhine to Switzerland itinerary, holidays along the beautiful Moselle, and so much more; there’s a cruise for all seasons and with so much included you can enjoy great value for money.

5 days from £399


The Delights of Amsterdam & the Dutch Bulbfields 2020

Celebrate the arrival of spring on a charming cruise along the Dutch Waterways

7 days from £629

Springtime in the Gardens of Holland & Belgium 2020

Experience the ultimate spring sensation at some of the most beautiful gardens in Europe.

10 days from £995

Treasures Along the Rhine & Moselle 2020

Explore Germany's medieval cities along the Rhine to the Moselle

5 days from £549

Delights of Amsterdam Adam Frost

The Delights of Amsterdam & the Dutch Bulbfields featuring Adam Frost

This exclusive itinerary explores the charming Dutch Waterways and gardens of Keukenhof, with an exclusive Q&A session with Adam Frost!

8 days from £849


The Mighty Rhine to Switzerland 2020

Discover countless treasures on this Rhineland adventure

6 days from £499


A Taste of the Imperial Danube - Budapest to Passau 2020

Escape into a world of history and culture on this condensed but perfectly-planned river cruise.

8 days from £795


Cruise the Danube to Vienna & Budapest 2020

Set sail from the 'three rivers city' of Passau and embark on an unforgettable journey through the heart of Europe.

13 days from £1349


The Ultimate Rhine & Danube Cruise 2020

Journey through the heart of Europe on the ultimate river cruise experience, taking in breathtaking scenery and stopping and fascinating destinations along the way.

15 days from £1695

Iron Gate

The Danube to the Black Sea 2020

Wake up to breathtaking views as we follow the course of the Danube on its extraordinary journey to the Black Sea.

6 days from £495


Historic Cities of the Danube 2020

Experience the historical highlights of the great Danube.

6 days from £579


A Taste of the Imperial Danube - Passau to Budapest 2020

When time is of the essence, but compromising on quality isn't an option, this condensed but perfectly-planned river cruise could be just what you're looking for.

13 days from £1195


Journey Along the Danube to the Rhine 2020

Discover beautiful Bavaria on a journey along the Danube to the Rhine.

8 days from £1595


Croatia - Dalmatian Coastal Cruise 2020

Cruise the dazzling Dalmatian coast aboard a yacht cruiser on this unforgettable itinerary taking in the best of Croatia.

8 days from £695


Heart of Holland Cruise 2020

Join us on this exclusive itinerary from Captain Wido as we explore his home country.

8 days from £689


Waterways, Lakes & Gardens of Holland 2020

Join us as we explore our Captain’s home country on this exclusive cruise itinerary, which takes you beyond the clichés of tulips, clogs and windmills to present the Netherlands in a whole new light.

5 days from £659


Thames Cruise aboard the African Queen 2020

This is the perfect antidote to the rush of modern life. Cruise on a renovated barge through beautiful English countryside upon the Thames, while enjoying top class hospitality.

8 days from £695

Rhine in Flames

Rhine in Flames 2020

As the summer sun sets over the Rhine valley, a flotilla of beautifully illuminated ships makes its way down the legendary Rhine, which basks in the glow of a thousand Bengal lights, while hilltop fireworks create shimmering cascades of colour high above the mountains, castles and vineyards. This is the Rhine in Flames.

10 days from £895


Cruise the Rhine to Switzerland 2020

This sensational cruise showcases the highlights of the Rhine at every twist and turn, as we follow its course in the countries of Germany, France and Switzerland.

8 days from £695


Rhine & Moselle Explorer 2020

Sit back and relax as we drift along the Rhine and the Moselle, stopping to explore our captain’s favourite ports of call. They may flow into one another at the city of Koblenz, but these two rivers are very different.

8 days from £1895


Cruise the River Douro to Salamanca 2020

In a sundrenched corner of Europe blessed with the River Douro, we wind our way through Portugal on a journey to Spain on this magical itinerary.

8 days from £1695


Cruising the Heart of Andalusia 2020

Discover the picturesque heart of Andalusia on this stunning river cruise along the Guadalquivir

7 days from £699

Christmas in Dusseldorf

Christmas Rhine & Dutch Waterways Cruise 2020

Enjoy a Christmas with a difference and join our leisurely cruise along the Rhine and Dutch waterways

5 days from £399

German Christmas Markets

Festive Cheer & Markets in the Rhine Valley 2020

Fully immerse yourself in the festive season, as you enjoy a magical Christmas market experience like no other

8 days from £749


Rhine & Moselle Christmas Celebration Cruise 2020

Enjoy a Christmas with a difference and join our leisurely cruise through the Rhine valley

6 days from £499

Rhine Valley Christmas Markets

Yuletide Markets & The Magical Rhine Valley 2020

Visit some of the best Christmas markets in Europe on this relaxing festive river cruise

6 days from £699


New Year Festivities on the Romantic Rhine 2020

Celebrate the New Year against the unique backdrop of the Rhine Valley

5 days from £549


New Year Celebration Cruise in Holland 2020

Step aboard the MPS Lady Anne for a glittering New Year’s Eve and an unforgettable way to end the year

12 days from £2795

Ha Long Bay

Mekong River Adventure 2020

Explore Cambodia and Vietnam by way of the mighty Mekong River

21 days from £3995

The Mekong River Adventure & Highlights of Vietnam 2020

Cruise the mighty Mekong River and discover the best of Vietnam by rail