Our cruises

Our exciting collection of cruises include a range of itineraries to countries throughout Europe, all on board carefully selected ships – some of which are exclusively chartered by the River Cruise Line. We have springtime breaks which visit colourful Dutch Bulbfields including the famous Keukenhof Gardens, our ever-popular Rhine to Switzerland itinerary, holidays along the beautiful Moselle, and so much more; there’s a cruise for all seasons and with so much included you can enjoy great value for money.

4 days from £289


Amsterdam & Bulbfields Spectacular 2017

This exciting new itinerary from our captain strikes the perfect balance between cruising along picturesque waterways and exploring charming ports of call.

5 days from £369


Amsterdam, Bulbfields & Waterways of Holland 2017

See the spectacular colours of Keukenhof on our included excursion and enjoy free time exploring sparkling Amsterdam!

7 days from £729


Amsterdam, Brussels, Antwerp & Ghent 2017

Enjoy this relaxing cruise along Dutch and Belgian waterways, which takes in the Netherlands and Belgian capitals. Enjoy the laidback casual atmosphere of Amsterdam and indulge in Belgium’s celebrated confectionary whilst exploring three of its medieval cities.

9 days from £1399

Baltic Isles

Baltic Isles, Berlin & Poland 2017

Let us whisk you away to an island paradise, where you can relax aboard our floating hotel and discover the hidden gems of the Baltic Sea.

9 days from £899

Bavaria & the Romantic Rhine

Bavaria & the Romantic Rhine 2017

Join us to cruise through two of nature’s corridors, experiencing the beauty and mystery of the Rhine Gorge, relaxing as we glide down the Main River, and stepping ashore to explore highlights such as Koblenz, Rüdesheim and Frankfurt.

9 days from £749

Moselle Valley

Best of the Rhine & Moselle 2017

Few people know these celebrated rivers as well as our devoted captain, so we have drawn from his knowledge and experience to offer the best of the Rhine and the Moselle in one seamless journey.

8 days from £739


Captain’s Choice 2017

Join us as we explore our Captain’s home country on this exclusive cruise itinerary, which takes you beyond the clichés of tulips, clogs and windmills to present the Netherlands in a whole new light.

5 days from £319


Captain's Rhine Valley Turkey & Tinsel 2017

Who says Christmas comes but once a year? Not us! Join our pre-Christmas Turkey & Tinsel cruise through the Rhine Gorge, to stock up on festive goodies, enjoy nightly entertainment aboard our seasonally decorated ship and start the festivities early.

8 days from £799

Christmas Cruise

Christmas Cruise Antwerp, Ghent, Bruges & Brussels 2017

Discover the highlights of Belgium when they are wrapped in festive magic.

7 days from £709

mps Lady Anne

Christmas Rhine Cruise 2017

Let us take away the festive pressures and join our relaxing cruise through the Rhine valley.

4 days from £389

African Queen

Christmas Cruise aboard the African Queen 2017

Warm hospitality, home cooked meals, cosy nights on the water and beautiful scenery make this a Christmas to remember.

8 days from £1399

Croatia - Dalmatian Coastal Cruise 2018

A luxury yacht cruiser manned by friendly crew, and one of the world’s most dazzling coastlines – what more could you wish for?

10 days from £1099

Cruise the Danube to Vienna & Budapest

Cruise the Danube to Vienna & Budapest 2017

Immerse yourself in the amazing culture of some of the most interesting cities sitting along the Danube by joining us on this spectacular river cruise.

10 days from £749


Cruise the Rhine to Switzerland 2017

Join us on a dramatic and memorable journey cruising along the Rhine to Switzerland, passing through 3 countries and plenty spectacular scenery along the way, including the Middle Rhine, which offers some of the world’s most magnificent cultural landscapes.

10 days from £849


Danube Discovery Cruise & Stay featuring Vienna & Budapest 2017

From the water to the riverbank, see the best of the Danube on our Cruise & Stay tour, taking in Melk, the Wachau Valley, Vienna and Bratislava before stepping ashore for a three night stay in the heart of Budapest.

9 days from £1199

Delights of the Danube

Delights of the Danube 2017

Visit three great capital cities – Vienna, Bratislava & Budapest, as well as other as other charming towns and exciting cities, as we cruise along one of Europe’s finest rivers, enjoying the Delights of the Danube.

7 days from £559

Spring Gardens of Keukenhof

Dutch Towns & the Spring Gardens of Keukenhof 2017

Drift past flower filled fields and step ashore to wander the cobbled streets of traditional Dutch towns and villages and the Netherlands’ exciting capital. Plus, with an included visit to Keukenhof Gardens, you can immerse yourself in the beauty of spring.

10 days from £1269

Elegant Elbe, Berlin & Prague

Elegant Elbe, Berlin & Prague 2017

Join us as we cruise along the elegant Elbe River, taking in enchanting towns and cities – we explore picturesque Prague, the ‘city of a hundred spires’, marvel at ornate Dresden and discover the rich world history of Berlin.

4 days from £279

German Christmas Markets

German Christmas Markets 2017

Join us on a cruise to visit some wonderful German Christmas Markets along the scenic Rhine River and make the task of Christmas shopping an enjoyable one.

12 days from £1799

Red Square

Moscow to St Petersburg Cruise 2017

Discover the opulence and history of the vast nation of Russia on this captivating twelve day river cruise.

7 days from £699

New Year Cruise

New Year Cruise Bruges, Brussels, Ghent & Antwerp 2017

Add a sparkle to your new year celebrations and join us in Antwerp, the city of diamonds, for an unforgettable way to start 2018

5 days from £599

New Year

New Year Rhine Cruise 2017

Whether you’re travelling alone, with a partner or as part of a group, by the time the clock strikes midnight aboard our warm and cosy ship, you’ll be celebrating with good friends against the unique backdrop of the Rhine valley.

9 days from £999


Rhine & Moselle Explorer 2017

Step aboard the ms Serenity as we go in search of the treasures along two of Europe’s most charming rivers: the Moselle, with its tranquil and intimate aura, and the Rhine, with its mysterious power – the stuff of legends and fairytales.

9 days from £899

Rhine Cruise & Swiss Delights

Rhine Cruise & Swiss Delights 2017

There’s no better way to see the spectacular sights along the Rhine than from the river itself, and our 4 star ship is the perfect platform to enjoy all this and more.

5 days from £459

Rhine Discovery

Rhine Discovery 2017

Enjoy the beauty of the Rhine and visit impressive locations such as Rüdesheim, Koblenz and Cologne. Taking in some of Europe’s most beautiful river valleys and cities, this cruise is perfect for new and avid river cruisers alike.

8 days from £809

Rhine in Flames

Rhine in Flames 2017

Witness a stunning fireworks display in the spectacular Middle Rhine as the locals celebrate the annual Riesling grapes harvest. Join the celebrations as the valley is illuminated for these unforgettable festivities.

8 days from £1649

Rhone Cruise

Rhône & Saône Cruise through Burgundy & Provence 2017

From the sun-kissed vineyards of Burgundy to the lavender scented countryside of Provence, enjoy a melting pot of scenery and culture along two of France’s fabled rivers.

8 days from £1329

Douro River Cruise

River Douro Cruise 2017

In a sundrenched corner of Europe, the Douro has created a spectacular valley as it wends its way from Spain and across Portugal to meet the Atlantic Ocean.

7 days from £779

Keukenhof Gardens

Spring Gardens in Holland & Belgium 2017

Experience the ultimate spring sensation at some of the most beautiful gardens in Europe.

4 days from £399


Strasbourg Christmas Markets 2017

Visit Strasbourg - the largest, oldest and most famous of all Christmas markets!

5 days from £599

Bratislava Castle

Taste of the Danube 2017

Experience a little taste of the Danube. As you cruise along one of Europe’s great rivers in the comfort of our 4 star floating hotel and sample the delights of Vienna, Melk and Bratislava.

5 days from £619

Thames Cruise aboard the African Queen

Thames Cruise aboard the African Queen 2017

This is the perfect antidote to the rush of modern life. Cruise on a renovated barge through beautiful English countryside upon the Thames, while enjoying top class hospitality.

15 days from £1999


The Danube to the Black Sea 2017

Take an adventure across Eastern Europe’s greatest treasures, taking you through seven countries filled with spectacular scenery and fascinating cities.

4 days from £379


The Delights of Amsterdam & the Dutch Bulbfields 2017

Sail aboard the ms Serenity on this short spring itinerary, featuring an included excursion to the world’s most beautiful spring gardens at Keukenhof, where you will be amazed by kaleidoscope of colour, and ending in the exciting capital of the Netherlands.

15 days from £1799


Up the Rhine & Down the Danube 2017

Join us on this fantastic cruise from Cologne to Budapest to see some of Europe’s greatest sights. Enjoy the spectacular natural landscapes of the Rhine gorge; the grand palaces of Vienna and the magnificent architecture of Budapest- this cruise has it all.