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  • ms Serenity in Budapest
  • Enjoy the passing scenery in the Lido Bar
  • MS Serenity Desert
  • MS Serenity sailing along the river Rhine
  • MS Serenity Bar
  • MS Serenity waiter
  • MS Serenity Chef
  • MS Serenity waiter
  • MS Serenity sailing along the Rhine
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  • MS Serenity bar
  • Budapest
  • MS Serenity Bar
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  • MS Serenity sailing along the Rhine
ms Serenity in BudapestEnjoy the passing scenery in the Lido BarMS Serenity DesertMS Serenity sailing along the river RhineMS Serenity BarMS Serenity waiterMS Serenity ChefMS Serenity waiterMS Serenity sailing along the Rhine MS Serenity Captain RolandMS Serenity barBudapestMS Serenity Barms Serenity StarterMS Serenity sailing along the Rhine


The MS Serenity from our premier cruise collection is a floating 4 star hotel which visits some of the most beautiful places in Europe.

From her distinct claret and cream colours on the outside, to the polished interiors and exquisite meals – there’s an air about this ship that exudes style and yet the atmosphere is warm and friendly. There’s also plenty of space to gather with friends and chat over drinks or enjoy some quiet time in your own company. Even the cabins are an inviting space to relax, with those on the Panorama Deck offering excellent river views from a French balcony.

The spacious and attractive lounge is located on the Panorama Deck and ensures much cosiness on board. It’s a great place to meet your fellow guests and relax as you watch the scenery pass by.

The spacious restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy your included meals, where you are looked after by the highly professional and friendly service team. Meals are served at a single sitting and the menus include international cuisine along with traditional local dishes, freshly prepared by your on board chef.


All of the outside cabins aboard the MS Serenity have a bright modern feel, are appointed with tasteful decor, twin beds, en suite shower with wc, air conditioning, radio, satellite TV, safe and a hairdryer. There’s also plenty of storage space for your suitcases, along with a good size wardrobe and a small desk and chair. Each cabin has river views so you can watch the outside world drift by as much as you like. Choose from superb accommodation on the Main Deck, the Middle Deck, or the Panorama Deck.

Main Deck Cabin

Main Deck

These cabins are on the lower deck and feature two small viewing windows.

Middle Deck Cabin

Middle Deck

These cabins are on the deck above the lower deck and feature large sliding windows.

Panorama Deck Cabin

Panorama Deck

These cabins are the highest standard rooms aboard the MS Serenity and are located on the upper deck. They boast a French balcony, which offers excellent river views.

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Enjoy a relaxing experience aboard our well-appointed ship and discover a whole new world with cruises along the following rivers:


Runs through: Germany, France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria,

The Rhine takes you on a spectacular journey through a host of countries, while nestling on its edge are picturesque towns, rich vineyards and ancient folklore waiting to be explored.


Runs through: Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia,

Encompassing valleys, vineyards and beautifully preserved medieval cities, a cruise along the Danube – through the heart of Europe – is full of sure-to-be delightful moments and memories. 

Black Sea

Runs through: Bulgaria , Romania ,

The Black Sea is a treasure chest heaving with culture, scenery and history. Many would argue it contains many of the attractions that the Mediterranean has to offer, but without the crowds.


Runs through: Germany,

The Main provides the opportunity for a picturesque cruise through wonderful German scenery combining old and new cultures, interesting towns and cities and great wine-producing areas.


Runs through: Belgium,

The elaborate Belgium's Waterways provide the perfect way to capture the beauty of historic Belgium and explore its wonderful culture.

Heusden Netherlands

Runs through: Netherlands,

A trip on Dutch Waterways will prove that there’s more to the Netherlands than just windmills and tulip fields. Our springtime cruises will unveil a route packed with cultural delights.

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Facts & figures

Name: ms Serenity

Length: 110m


Launched: 2006

Captain: Captain Vadim Rybalka