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The entire repertoire of European river cruises from The River Cruise Line contains an assortment of countries, rivers and routes.

Europe is a diverse continent that offers a multitude of sights and experiences via its legendary rivers. European river cruises include journeys on the RhineMoselleMain and Danube. You can see and visit picturesque, rural landscapes and fine architecture as you cruise on one of our ships along the Rhine river, Dutch waterways and more. If you’re more interested in the ship than the destinations, you will find everything you need to know on our ships page. Discover vibrant cities on our European river cruises, such as Paris, Bratislava, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Budapest, London and much more!

On our river cruises through Europe you will discover breathtaking pieces of architecture that date back as far as the Roman times; historically significant sites, including some from World War I and II; and the cultural offerings of each area: the food, the drink, and the traditions.

The rivers that flow through Europe have shaped the continent’s landscape, its history, and its way of operating. Our European river cruises allow you to get to the heart of it all while relaxing on a beautiful ship. If you are itching to discover where The River Cruise Line could take you on your European cruise, visit our inspiration section for your first port of call.

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European rivers


River Danube

Runs through: 

Encompassing valleys, vineyards and beautifully preserved medieval cities, a cruise along the Danube – through the heart of Europe – is full of sure-to-be delightful moments and memories. 


River Rhine

Runs through: 

The Rhine takes you on a spectacular journey through a host of countries, while nestling on its edge are picturesque towns, rich vineyards and ancient folklore waiting to be explored.

River Moselle

River Moselle

Runs through: 

The Moselle meanders past fairytale castles, stunning countryside and narrow valleys, as it flows from France to Germany. A cruise on this river will leave you both enchanted and rested.

Heusden Netherlands

Dutch Waterways

Runs through: 

A trip on Dutch Waterways will prove that there’s more to the Netherlands than just windmills and tulip fields. Our springtime cruises will unveil a route packed with cultural delights.


River Thames

Runs through: 

Although famed for its stretch that divides London, the Thames runs through a huge portion of southern England. This means it also offers cruisers pure relaxation as they pass through rolling English countryside.


Belgium's Waterways

Runs through: 

The elaborate Belgium's Waterways provide the perfect way to capture the beauty of historic Belgium and explore its wonderful culture.

Croatain Coast

Adriatic Sea

Runs through: 

The sparkling waters of the Adriatic lap the shores of one of the most dazzling coastlines in the world. It’s a place where you can enjoy a truly incredible cruise experience.

Avignon bridge

River Rhône

Runs through: 

The Rhône River rises in Switzerland and runs through France on its journey to the Mediterranean Sea, passing through some of the most beautiful landscapes and delightful ports of call.


River Douro

Runs through: 

Portugal’s river of gold will soon lull you into its relaxing rhythm, as it passes through beautiful cities and vineyard-swathed landscapes, before crossing the border into Spain.


River Main

Runs through: 

The Main provides the opportunity for a picturesque cruise through wonderful German scenery combining old and new cultures, interesting towns and cities and great wine-producing areas.



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