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The entire repertoire of European river cruises from The River Cruise Line contains an assortment of countries, rivers and routes.

Europe is a diverse continent that offers a multitude of sights and experiences via its legendary rivers. European river cruises include journeys on the RhineMoselleMain and Danube. You can see and visit picturesque, rural landscapes and fine architecture as you cruise on one of our ships along the Rhine river, Dutch waterways and more. If you’re more interested in the ship than the destinations, you will find everything you need to know on our ships page. Discover vibrant cities on our European river cruises, such as Paris, Bratislava, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Budapest, London and much more!

On our river cruises through Europe you will discover breathtaking pieces of architecture that date back as far as the Roman times; historically significant sites, including some from World War I and II; and the cultural offerings of each area: the food, the drink, and the traditions.

The rivers that flow through Europe have shaped the continent’s landscape, its history, and its way of operating. Our European river cruises allow you to get to the heart of it all while relaxing on a beautiful ship. If you are itching to discover where The River Cruise Line could take you on your European cruise, visit our inspiration section for your first port of call.

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  • The five-day cruise of the African Queen on the Thames was exactly what I’d been looking for, but it exceeded all my expectations. Living on a Dutch
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European rivers

Black Sea

Black Sea

Runs through: 

The Black Sea is a treasure chest heaving with culture, scenery and history. Many would argue it contains many of the attractions that the Mediterranean has to offer, but without the crowds.

River Seine

River Seine

Runs through: 

The Seine winds from Paris to the Normandy coast, offering travellers evolving scenery and a diverse range of attractions. A journey on this French river offers relaxation, beauty and discovery.


Russian Waterways

Runs through: 

Take a trip across a fascinating pattern of connecting rivers, canals and lakes, which were once occupied by journeying Tsars. See mighty cities, quaint towns and villages, and rural landscapes.