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The Elbe river cruises available from The River Cruise Line provide passengers with a comfortable way to experience the natural and manmade beauty of much of western Germany and the Czech Republic

The Elbe river, measuring 680 miles long, rises in the Krkonoše Mountains before flowing into the lowlands of the Czech Republic and into Germany. It then empties into the North Sea at Cuxhaven. If you’re interested in our other German river cruises, you may like to also consider our Rhine, Main and Moselle cruises. 

As with many major rivers, the Elbe is formed by a number of smaller rivers and its main tributaries are the Vltava, Saale, Havel, Mulde, Schwarze Elster, and Ohře rivers.

The course of the river is predominantly natural, thus providing visitors with an unspoiled experience of how the river has appeared throughout history.

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